Our Partnership program gives schools and teachers access to exclusive perks — school-wide tournaments, personalized training and our invite-only Champions Club — at no cost.

Every school partnership includes access to our Champions Club, an invite-only community of teachers just like you who love Prodigy! Every teacher in your school will have access to:

Do more with a Prodigy Partnership

Prodigy Champions Club

Prodigy Logo

Our mission is to help every child in the world love learning.

Test Prep Tool

Preparing students for standardized testing

Coming soon: Exclusive new teacher tools!

Want access to new teacher tools that make using Prodigy easier and more effective? Coming soon, teachers in partnered schools will have access to:


"Students are more confident because of the extra practice they receive with Prodigy"

Brittany Akers

4th grade teacher 
South Carolina

"Students are more confident in their math skills, and excited to do math!"

Lauren Masters

1st grade teacher 

"Our Partnership with Prodigy has really motivated our students to not only be successful in math but to also try diligently in other areas of study" 

Scott Schneider

Field Support Liaison
New York

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Free printable resources

Prodigy tournaments

Fun challenges with the chance to earn rewards

Tips & tricks on using Prodigy and engaging your students

Prodigy empowers teachers

With a Prodigy Partnership, you’ll receive training on how to use Prodigy’s powerful tools to their full potential, including:

Curriculum Progress 

Benchmarking student progress through key curriculum skills

Assignments and Plans

Delivering rigorous, lesson-aligned content that matches each student's unique skill level

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When your school joins our Partnership program, every student has the chance to love learning math. 

You’ll get an exciting package of resources that includes:

What is a Prodigy Partnership?

School-wide math tournaments

An invite to our Champions Club

Personalized training and direct support

Exclusive access to new teacher tools and game features


Add multiple teachers to your Prodigy classroom and collaborate!

Tower Town

An engaging math-only mode teachers can enable for students playing at school

Connect us with a school leader

Share the contact info of the school leader who implements math tech in your school or district, and tell him or her we may call.

Sit tight

If your school leader meets our criteria, we’ll reach out and book a meeting to chat about the benefits of Prodigy and our Partnership program.

Get excited

Once your school leader is on board, our team will deliver personalized training to get your whole school started with Prodigy.

How does it work?

Refer your principal or math coach to start your Prodigy Partnership today!

(While you’re waiting, share 7 Reasons Prodigy is Right for Your School with them!)

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All at absolutely no cost!