Prodigy is a curriculum-aligned math platform, used by 800,000 teachers and 30 million students, that allows admins to quantify student achievement with ease.

Track granular student progress and performance data in math. For free.

Prodigy delivers these results by offering:

Free for students, teachers and schools

Here’s what you’ll get as an admin on Prodigy:

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Free, forever

Access comprehensive data. Engage students. Improve achievement.

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Child attending online tutoring session
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Math Instructional Specialist New Caney ISD

Brenda Lynch

“Prodigy helped engage kids and increase scores because it gave them confidence. They can now say that math is fun and state, ‘I can do math.”

Achieve higher test scores

40% more students reach the highest levels

Double the average score improvement

75% more students reach “pass” levels

Schools that use Prodigy consistently outperform those that don’t on standardized assessments


Comprehensive reports to educators. You’ll access data that illustrates growth, performance and engagement.


Versatile content delivery options to teachers. Prodigy works for assessments, learning stations, lesson supplementation and more.


Engaging, differentiated learning experiences to students. Many of them voluntarily play Prodigy for longer periods at home than at school.




Admin and teacher training for using Prodigy

A dedicated Success Manager to provide support

An exclusive dashboard with reports from the district to student level

Superintendent of Education
Toronto Catholic DSB

Dan Koenig

“Once our schools started Prodigy, they quickly saw benefits of having students so engaged in a math program. This engagement led to the successful adoption of Prodigy across 150+ schools.”

Math Co-ordinator Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Kristi Richter

“Our kids are so engaged with Prodigy. They love it. They really want to participate and learn more. That speaks volumes.”

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